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Ten favourite Hamburg costumes: 

1. The Hannibal Slavegirl costumes. Tailored to pich the waist of the wearer, giving everyone amazing hourglass shapes. And so gold heavy, with lots and lots of gems and beads. Funky tiaras. Endless love for these. 

2. Now, not crazy about the second generation slavegirl costume used here, but otherwise this costume is perfection. The green satin skirt with green tabs, the clean lines, the ornamental red decorations. Gaga about these skirts. 

3. The Sylvan Glade costumes. The gigantic bell skirts, the fitted bodices, the min colours accented with pink and gold, the draped apron. 

4. The mid 90s dressing gowns, in other words Colby Thomas’ dressing gowns. So incredibly fitted, and so delicate ruffles. All-time favourites. 

5. The mid 90s Degas costumes. Again (and again) these well fitted bodices, but here combined with feather light, almost tattered skirts. They look so… awesome. 

6. Rachel Anne Moore’s b/w dress. Very pale compared to the general German b/w costumes, and usually that’s not my favourite, but this one looks very elegant. Also so well tailored to her. And the black appliquées on the paniers. Dang. 

7. Renée Knapp’s original Wishing dress. AKA the love of my life. The tailoring is beyond words. The bead embroidery is insane. This is a piece of art which should be in a museum. No, really. 

8. Colby Thomas’ second Aminta costume. That stomacher is the closest I’ve ever seen to the costume design. It’s like she just stepped out of the design. And for the 8th time - the tailoring, the fit. And when this costume was lightly pimped in Stuttgart, getting and additional white lace in the neck opening and engageants, and the embroidered apron, it just… floored me. GIMME!!! 

9. The general Meg Gypsy Girl bodices. Thos Baroque shoulder straps and the “drab” velvet is just so period looking. Ditto for the peplum. And paired with the jolly yellow skirt I just love it so much. 

10. The super-mega-giga Star Princess skirts Colby Thomas had, pared with a tiny, fitted bodice. The delicate colours, The hint of silver and gold. The movement of the skirt when dancing. LOOOOVE. 

So in short, Hamburg knows tailoring, and everything Colby Thomas wore as perfection. The short version of Hamburg POTO costume history. 

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Sets/Scenes from the non-replica Budapest production of ALW’s Phantom of the Opera

1. Graveyard scene

2. Phantom’s Lair

3. Masquerade scene (sans Raoul & Christine)

4. Point of no return

I quite like the Phantom’s Lair and the monastery-like PonR sets, which are quite a departure from Maria Bjørnson’s original designs.